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– Creative strategy

– Concept development

– Copywriting

– Creative direction

– Production & post production management

– Directing – live action and VFX

– Offline and online non-linear editing

– On-air branding

– Motion graphics/VFX design and production

– Digital mastering and encoding


Darren Ralph

Creative Director

During his 20 years experience in the TV industry as a director / writer / producer / editor, “Ralphy” has learned many things.

Here are three:

First, the story is everything. From the page to the screen, every word, every frame, every sound should have an impact.

Secondly, there is always a way to take on board client’s feedback, and make the story stronger, whether in the script, on set or in the edit.

Thirdly, the essential ingredients to any project are passion and excitement. If you are doing it right, making films should be fun.


Jennifer Wells-Scherrer

Head of Production

‘Circus Ringmaster’, ‘Juggler in Chief’, ‘Creative Producer Extraordinaire’; Jen is all of these things and so much more. A multi skilled producer, nothing seems out of her comfort zone.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like a challenge. Jen is always looking for ways to push the boundaries, create something more meaningful, and get to the heart of the story.

Script to final sound mix, whatever stage a creative video communication is at, Jen strives to make it the best it can be.

We believe Jen is steadily becoming a ‘doyenne’ of film making, which makes us, and you, lucky to have her working on your projects.


Jack Hibbert

Creative Producer

Jack is what we call a creative generalist, a new media specialist that goes beyond the old moniker ‘preditor’.

Sure he can produce and edit, but he can also write and shoot as well. A quadruple threat!

Jacks passion for all stages of the creative video process is evident in his desire to craft compelling communications on the page, the set and the screen.

Always looking for more creative ways to tell, shoot and cut a story Jack is an invaluable asset on any video project.


Aditya Satria

Senior Motion Graphics Designer

When Adit first stepped into thinkbone seven years ago, fresh off the boat from Jakarta with very little English, we immediately saw his potential. His reel spoke the language of motion design with a sensibility that is rare in his field. Since then, first as a freelancer, and now a full time member of the thinkbone team, he has consistently created stunning design and visual effects work for our clients.

He is always looking to extend himself, and, as his recently acquired skills in Cinema 4D demonstrate, his attention to detail, great eye and determination to squeeze every ounce of beauty out of a project, make Adit a priceless addition to our team.